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Conventional Loan Specifications



Acquisition, Refinance, Expansion, Construction/Renovation, Machinery and Equipment, Working Capital, and Recapitalization

Loan Amount:

$150,000 - $6,000,000*

Interest Rate:

Fixed and Variable Rates available


5-20 Years with Amortization Periods of 5-25 Years


1% Commitment Fee


*Nationwide to a variety of industries (restrictions may apply)

Prepayment Penalty:

No Prepayment Penalties

Collateral Position:

Lien position on commercial or residential real estate and/or secondary collateral up to a maximum Loan-to-Value of 80%)


Personal or Corporate Guarantees may be required

Debt Service Ratio:

Deterimed on a case-by-case basis

Financial Data:

Business: 3 full years of historical business tax returns and interim financial statements for current year | One year of projections for existing business or 3 years of month-over-month projections for start-up businesses | Current Debt Schedule of the Borrower
Personal: 3 full years of historical personal tax returns | Current Personal Financial Statement of Principals with 20% or more ownership | Signed Credit Authorization of Principals with 20% or more ownership

3rd Party Reports:

Appraisal and Environmental Study

* Larger loans are considered on a case by case basis